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SJM1SJM3Ever since our 2TTO students have been travelling to Oxford in England for their annual excursion we have tried to make a point of visiting an English school for (half) a day. We were very lucky to get in touch with St John’s College in Marlborough, a large comprehensive school that had just moved into a fantastically modern school building just outside Marlborough in the South-West of England in the county of Wiltshire. As part of our increasing familiarity with one another the organizing teachers at either end talked about doing a little bit more than just have the annual visit. One of the ideas was to set up a blog for the two schools and that is what has now come to fruition. In spite of a few starting problems we now have lift off and one of our contributing students, Fleur Bijman (2S) has written the first contribution for the blog in the hope that St John’s students will react and publish newsworthy items from their every-day life at school, too. The other two students in our school that have volunteered to join in are Joya da Silva and Merel Roomer (both in 2T). We look forward to hearing about their contributions too. So let the mighty pen do its work, girls!

Hello St. Johns

Here at Da Vinci College we have a girl called Fleur. When Fleur got an infection she had to have both her lower legs amputated. Fleur now really wants to go to the Paralympic games, participating in athletics. But she doesn’t have any blades (sort of special artificial feet). Right now she runs on borrowed blades but she really needs her own. If she goes to the Paralympics she needs blades that are made for her own legs. The BSM students (BSM is an optional subject at our school for Sports Management for the senior students) recently went to the Weissensee in Austria in order to collect money for Fleur’s blades. The Weissensee is an alternative Eleven cities tour, which is a famous 200-kilometre ice skating tour in the north of the Netherlands. They practised for a year and a half as they had to skate more than 100 kms at the Weissensee.
SJM2And most of them did! Apart from the Weissensee, they also did other things to collect money for the blades. For example, they organized sports days for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students. Doing all this, they’ve collected enough money for the blades. All of us, the entire school, are very proud of all the children who participated in the Weissensee skating tour! Do you, at St John’s, have similar events that make you feel proud to be a student of your own school?

Fleur Bijman (2S)

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