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ww2ww1They were here again, the actors of the Phileas Fogg Theatre Company. But this year they were half a day earlier than usual. This was the first time they had been asked to perform their WWI Poetry Workshop with our 5Vib students.

After the students had studied several of Wilfred Owen’s poems and discussed life in the trenches in class, it was time to experience the Great War themselves as well as to examine why the attitude of poets changed during the war.
Emma and Charlie were our students’ inspiring guides through a series of simulated events such as a cheerful farewell, the Christmas Truce, a treacherous firefight and a horrifying gas attack.
While skilfully enacting these events the students read and heard poems by Rupert Brooke, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen and eyewitness accounts from soldiers.
In spite of the serious subject they had to deal with the students really enjoyed the workshop. So time flew and after an hour and a half they returned to their peaceful 21st century lives, but not after a compliment by Emma and Charlie, who told them that they had been an exceptionally good group to work with.
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